About This Goal

The Town of Mount Pleasant will hold security awareness training as a top priority for the duration of the Strategic Plan, understanding that the Town, like all organizations, faces an ever-increasing amount of cyber security threats. Cyber security is the protection of the Town's network and electronic data from cyber-attacks such as hacking or phishing. Cyber-attacks can be avoided through proper training and careful preparation. The Town will provide the necessary training to decrease the likelihood of a cyber security attack on the Town's servers.

Twice a year, the Town's IT Division conducts phishing testing with all employees. The results of this testing are used to measure the organization's progress towards preventing a cyber-attack. In addition to the bi-annual phishing tests, the IT Division also conducts numerous other security tests throughout the year.

Town of Mount Pleasant 2016 - 2020 Strategic Plan

Below are the objectives from the Town of Mount Pleasant's Strategic Plan. These objectives outline the specific steps Mount Pleasant will take to accomplish the strategic goal.