About This Goal

The Town of Mount Pleasant seeks to improve facility security by ensuring the safety of our citizens and staff by adopting stronger security measures at all major town facilities. Security in the new Town Hall includes physical security measures such as a metal detector and bag scanner, as well as procedural measures such as safety drills, evacuation plans, and risk training. The new Town Hall will be designed with the utmost attention to safety and security measures through the use of technology, response protocol and security awareness training. The structure itself will promote security as a Class IV Essential Facility, meaning it will be capable of withstanding major storm events.

Town of Mount Pleasant 2016 - 2020 Strategic Plan

Below are the objectives from the Town of Mount Pleasant's Strategic Plan. These objectives outline the specific steps Mount Pleasant will take to accomplish the strategic goal.

The new Town Hall is designed as a Class IV Essential Facility. This means the facility will be capable of withstanding a major storm event. The photos below show the significant amount of steel that was used in the construction of the building, which is required by building code.

Avoid.Deny.Defend: Active Threat Response Training