About This Goal

Excellence is a core value of the Town of Mount Pleasant and national accreditation is recognition of excellent work. Not all departments have national accrediting agencies, but the Town seeks to earn accreditation for all possible departments by the end of the plan. For those departments without accrediting agencies, they are required to both confirm that there are no accrediting agencies each year and they are also encouraged to seek other national awards and designations. The Town proudly maintained three national accreditations at the start of the Strategic Plan: Police, Fire, and Building Inspections. The goal is to earn at least three additional accreditations by the end of the plan.

Aside from national accreditations the Town seeks to maintain and/or improve the following national designations:

  • Fire Department's ISO Rating 2/9 (Improved from a 3 to a 2 in January 2018)
  • Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Distinguished Budget Presentation Award- 8 consecutive years
  • GFOA Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting (CAFR) Award- 31 consecutive years
  • Moody's Investment Services Aaa Bond Rating
  • S&P Investment Services AAA Bond Rating
  • National Civic League's All-America City Designation (2010 & 2018 Winner)

Town of Mount Pleasant 2016 - 2020 Strategic Plan

Below are the objectives from the Town of Mount Pleasant's Strategic Plan. These objectives outline the specific steps Mount Pleasant will take to accomplish the strategic goal.

All America City Award Winners 2010 & 2018

Mount Pleasant was recognized as one of 10 All-America City Award winners. The National Civic League presented this honor to recognize Mount Pleasant’s work in inclusive civic engagement to address critical issues and create stronger connections among residents, businesses and nonprofit and government leaders.
All applicants submitted their community-wide work on equity and civic engagement and three projects for consideration. Mount Pleasant stood out because of its resident outreach strategies. They have used dialogue and forums, leveraged mobile apps and online forums, and the town administrator even rode a city bus route during mobile office hours to ensure those with the least amount of access are being included.
Mount Pleasant demonstrated its commitment to inclusive civic engagement and equity through the three projects submitted. The Reading Patrol Program brings officers and children together for reading and arts and crafts. Bridging the Gap connects residents directly with the planning department. And, the Shem Creek development utilized public and stakeholder conversations to guide equitable economic development along the creek.

Mount Pleasant Police Department Accepts 9th National Accreditation with Excellence

The Mount Pleasant Police Department received their 9th accreditation award, with excellence, on July 28 during a formal hearing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For this re-accreditation cycle, the Mount Pleasant Police Department participated in a Gold Standard Assessment. This type of assessment focuses primarily on processes and outcomes associated with standards specific to agency policies. Assessors from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) reviewed the policies, procedures, processes, and outcomes of the Mount Pleasant Police Department in April of this year.

To receive accreditation status, the Mount Pleasant Police Department needed to comply with 484 standards that focus on all facets of the agency. One of the criteria to receive re-accreditation with excellence is to have at least 90% compliance with standards that are not mandatory. The Mount Pleasant Police Department carries 100% compliance with these standards.
“Participation in the accreditation process ensures we are providing the highest level of police service to our community,” says Chief Ritchie. “Our process is so successful because of the commitment given from everyone in our organization. Line level officers up through our command staff believe in this endeavor. Having our processes examined by an outside agency shows that we are in pursuit of accountability and transparency.”
CALEA accreditation is a voluntary process which includes a self-assessment, an onsite assessment, community input, officer interviews, and a formal hearing in front of a review committee. The Mount Pleasant Police Department first became accredited in 1992 and was given the Meritorious Award in 2009 after having been accredited continuously for over 15 years. According to CALEA only 5% of all agencies in the nation are accredited.

Mount Pleasant Fire Department Accepts National Re-Accreditation in 2016

Mount Pleasant Building Inspections Division Becomes First in South Carolina to Earn National Accreditation

International Accreditation Certification

National Flood Insurance Community Rating System (CRS) - 6